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" Shipwreck   Crystal   Skull "
Conquistador Hernan Cortes Treasure

 The " 6 sided Star Rose Quartz Crystal Skull", meets the appropriate specifications to be categorized as an Ancient Crystal Skull (believed over 1500 years old). This is a single piece of Rose Quartz crystal.
 On April 5, 1993 the Associated Press announced that the treasure explorer Victor Benilous, President of Archaeological Discovery Ventures INC., had recovered the legendary “Isabella Emerald ©” the prized possession of the Conquistador Hernan Cortes, Conqueror of Mexico. The initial recovery included over 100,000 carats of cut and polished emeralds, over a million carats of uncut emeralds, including the world’s largest emerald conglomerate weighting an incredible 25,644 carats. The recovered treasure consists of hundreds of unique pieces of gold and priceless emerald jewelry as well as jade and gold masks, golden idols, sacrificial knives and instruments, gold and silver bars, " 8 very rare Mayan ceremonial crystal skulls," and a signet ring that belonged to Cortes. There is an Aztec Codex legend, that predicts that the secrets of the Universe shall be revealed when all 12 Crystal Skulls are united with the Emerald of Judgment.
 Vic, familiar with the typical Spaniards' navigational routes but not knowing how fast the ship was sailing approached a Remote Viewer, whom he had excellent results with in past projects. The psychic encouraged Vic to also collaborate with another remote Viewer. Creating a plastic overlay map of the suspected area Vic shipped it to both psychics for their input. When the maps came back both psychics had independently identified an area of less than 5 centimeters apart. The search started with the typical salvage equipment, proton magnetometer, side scan sonar and bottom profiler. The results were incredible, within a 5 mile radius 7 ships were discovered, 2 were immediately eliminated when identified as being of Spanish Colonial period (1550's). Vic called on one of his psychics to come on board, and when he was brought into the area the psychic called out that there was something there of incredible power and force that was like a giant beacon calling out to him. He pinpointed with unimaginable accuracy a position where Vic discovered the only known 6 sided Star Rose Quartz Crystal Skull next to a silver bar stamped with the date 1757. In a matter of months Vic had uncovered 7 more very rare Mayan ceremonial crystal skulls.  To read more on this discovery and it's History, please go to treasure explorer Victor Benilous's official website

Shipwreck Crystal Skull

Shipwreck Crystal Skull

Size:2 lb.range

Shipwerck Crystal Skull

Stone: 6 sided Star Rose Quartz Crystal Skull

Origin: Mayan ceremonial

"Shipwreck Crystak Skull"
One of 8 Mayan Ceremonial Crystal Skulls Recovered in the Caribbean shipwreck of Hernan Cortes

along with the Isabella Emerald, the world's largest emerald crystal

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