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Paris Crystal Skull
Introduction to
Ancient Crystal Skulls

(believed over 1500 years old)

The origin of crystal skulls can tend to be a rather mysterious topic. There are believed to be 13 quintessential ancient skulls, who when reunited will mark the beginning of an enlightened golden era for mankind, although the actual numbers vary from legend to legend. The most popular legends speak of 13 crystal skulls coming together to bring about profound transformations on Earth. Sandra Bowen, crystal skull researcher, talks about 36 crystal skulls, and Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj Perez, a Mayan high priest/shaman, has mentioned 52 crystal skulls. Crystal skulls have been found in many ancient cultures including Tibet, Mongolia, and Meso-America. As of this date today, no crystal skull has ever been excavated from a documented archaeological site. Many small ancient or old crystal skulls have also been found throughout these regions. Although crystal is a natural stone that comes from the Earth, crystal can not be carbon dated.

The only way that science can currently estimate or confirm the actual age of a crystal carving or when the crystal was actually carved, is by examining its surface to see if there is any evidence showing how it was carved, whether it shows ancient or modern tool marks, and in some cases, no marks at all. Studies of a number of crystal skulls and other artifacts of supposedly ancient origin were conducted at the British Museum using electron microscopes. Researchers found that two of the skulls possessed straight, perfectly-spaced surface markings, indicating the use of a modern polishing wheel. Genuine ancient objects would show haphazard tiny scratches from the hand-polishing process. The report speculated that these skulls were actually made in Germany within the past 150 years. ( To   see   an   example,  click   here )

The fact also arises there is little known about these ancient peoples and their interaction with the skulls. Why did they create them? What were they used for? What significance did they hold for these people spiritually and or culturally?

Some believe that the skulls are a link back to Atlantis, and that they are highly refined tools for communication and the storing of information, alike todays world using quartz crystal in watches, computers, TV, Radio and many other products.

Some legends and theories state the original crystal skulls were not created by the hands of man at all, but may be of extraterrestrial origin. Scientist's, including Frank Dorland (involved in Hewlet Packard's testing of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull), have stated that the Mitchell-Hedges skull technically should not even exist because they cannot understand how it could possibly have been carved. This may inadvertently support the extraterrestrial theory that some Crystal Skulls may be the crystallized consciousness of advanced beings related to Atlantis, the Pleiades, or beyond. Frank Dorland studying one of the skulls discovered that it had zygomatic arches acting as light pipes, using principles similar to modern optics, to channel light from the base of the skull to the eye sockets. The eye sockets in turn were miniature concave lenses that also transferred light from a source below, into the upper cranium. Finally, in the interior of the skull was a ribbon prism and tiny light tunnels, by which objects held beneath the skull could be magnified and brightened. As a result, when placed upon a source of light, the skull acquired glowing eyes and appeared to be on fire. You can read about this and more in the book "Holy Ice"by Frank Dorland.


Ancient crystal skulls are characterized by having a more primitive look and are ALSO Believed to Have Been Carved over 1500 years ago



Size: 8.5 lbs / 3.86 kgs

Ami Crystal Skull

Stone: Amethyst

Origin: Mexico

"Amethyst Crystal Skull"
This ancient skull was recently for sale.

More info about Ami

Ancient Mayan Skull Info.



Size: 11 lbs / 4.99 kgs

ET crystal skull

Stone: Smoky Quartz

Origin: Guatemala

Features make it look like the skull of an extraterrestial (alien) being

Et & Synergy



Size: 11.91 lbs / 5.4 kgs

Ancient crystal skull Mitchell-Hedges

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Belize

"Skull of Love"
Discovered in 1923 - Most famous for its detachable jawbone.

Mitchell-Hedges Official Website

Facial Reconstruction

See another view


Sha Na Ra

Size: 13.12 lbs / 5.98 kgs

Sha na ra Crystal Skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Mexico

Authentic - Primitive Looking Found in 1995 employing Psychic Archeology

More info on ancient crystal skull Shanara

Nick Nocerino & Sha Na Ra

See this photo enlarged



Size: 18 lbs / 8.17 kgs

Max Crystal Skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Guatemala

"Texas Crystal Skull"
Used by Mayan priests for healing, rituals, and prayers.

Max and Joann Parks website

Max & Joann photo

See this photo enlarged



Size: 15.5 lbs / 7.03 kgs

Synergy Crystal Skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Peru

An extreemly close copy to a human skull. It has been rumored Synergy has a twin, carved at the same time and weighing apx. the same. Could this be true?

Official Synergy Website

Sherry Whitfield Merrell & Synergy

See another view


Mayan Skull

Size: 8.71 lbs / 3.95 kgs

Mayan crystal skull

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Honduras/Guatemala

"The Mayan Skull "
Whereabouts today is unknown

More Info


See another photo



Size: 4.41 lbs / 2.0 kgs

Mahasamatman Crystal Skull Sammie

Stone: Clear Quartz

Origin: Brazil

"Sammie Girl"
Owned by Kathleen Murray, who lives in Scotland. It is about the size of an infant child's skull. Used as an esoteric channel for information on the creation of the human species.

Divine Spark of Creation: The Crystal Skull Speaks (Paperback) by Kathleen Murray (Author)


Kathleen with her Crystal Skulls


Shipwreck Crystal Skull

Size:2 lb.range

Shipwerck Crystal Skull

Stone: 6 sided Star Rose Quartz Crystal Skull

Origin: Mayan ceremonial

"Shipwreck Crystak Skull"
One of 8 Mayan Ceremonial Crystal Skulls Recovered in the Caribbean shipwreck of Hernan Cortes

along with the Isabella Emerald, the world's largest emerald crystal

More Information here

official Shipwreck website

see more pictures


Joshua Shapiro - author - Crystal Skulls –radio show - here
Buy skulls from Shery & “Synergy”
Buy Crystal Skulls & Products here
Peace Love and health unto you,
Barbara Elizabeth

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